DNTC FSC 556 (DNTC-01) - 14mm CW (+)

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Special Design for Systema and G&P. 14mm CW Clockwise (+) threads.

DNTC FSC 556 (DNTC-01) - 14mm CW (+)

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  • DNTC FSC 556 (DNTC-01) - 14mm CW (+)
  • DNTC FSC 556 (DNTC-01) - 14mm CW (+)


Special Design for Systema and G&P. 14mm CW Clockwise (+) threads


Licensed by DNTC / Primary Weapons
Materials: Aluminum / Downgrade materials which can NOT be used on real fireamrs.
Threads: 14mm C.C.W. (Not compatible with G&P) (Works with CA/ TM/ Echo 1)
Made in Taiwan

DNTC compensators are designed by Primary Weapons which are widely adapted by firearms industries, including Panther Arms.
What makes DNTC compensator famous?
Imagine yourself controlling the 7.62 caliber AK47 at FULL AUTO with only ONE arm!

Please watch the following videos and then you will know what we mean!

More Videos:
DNTC Official website

More about Primary Weapons:
Primary Weapons Systems, original founded as AK Concepts, Inc. was forged from a fascination with the engineering, design and mechanics behind the great firearms of our time.
Our vision is to refine this classic, yet effective weapon, in order to bring it to the military and public alike. While being designed with today’s soldiers in mind, our products will likewise be of great interest to both sportsmen and collectors.
We are constantly working to develop new and exciting products while settling for nothing less than perfection. Together, they create amazing products offering both form and function while maintaining the reputation of AK Concepts.

One of the largest things for me was its lack of noise. I let another instructor fire several magazines through it, and walked around from his 3:00 to 6:00 position, and never felt a concussion or blast, nor was the hearing protection overpowered as it has been with most other comps.
Gerald J. :: Krems, Austria
I just wanted to say that the DNTC has already run hard and so far they really live up to your promise. You really manged to developed a "more quiet" comp.
Sean R. :: King George, VA
I have compared the performance of the PWS J-Tac47 compensator to that of several foreign and US made muzzle devices. In all test the Ak Concepts brake won hands down. I will use the AK Concepts comp on all my rifles.
John G :: Newark, NJ
I can't believe how well your comp works; its the best I've ever used. I'm taking my other comps off & replacing them with the DNTC Compensator. Your videos show it but live fire & full auto drills confirm it. Most accurate double taps I've ever made. Its unbelievable how much control you maintain with this comp. The lack of back blast, muzzle rise and no real increased noise level to annoy fellow shooters to the sides makes this comp the best. The company is easy to deal with and has fast, knowledgeable, and friendly service. Doug W. :: Nashville, TN
PWS is a great company to deal with, Un-matched customer service, These folks have gone out of their way to put another excellent product on the market.
Robb J. :: Manassa, VA
The DNTC is a WINNER! The DNTC definately makes my rifle shoot smoother. The DNTC is A LOT quieter (than other comps) - it doesn't give you the punch drunk feel and a headache.
Cory C. :: Goldsboro, NC
The DNTC exceeded my expectations, not only in fit and finish, but also in overall performance, which included muzzle lift and felt recoil. I believe the DNTC to be a great addition for use in three gun matches, tactical rifle courses or general shooting situations where quick shots are required
Patrick C. :: Harrisburg, PA
Your compensator is by far the best thing on the market for the AK. Muzzle rise is non-existent, my groups are far more consistent, and I am thoroughly pleased with your product. The only thing better than your product is your great customer service! Thank you very much!

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