MAD BULL Airsoft, established in 2004, is world famous for it's Airsoft accessories. Our major focus points are: Airsoft guns, Airsoft Toy Launchers, Airsoft Toy B.B. Showers, and Upgrade kits.
We have a very strong R&D team and we put a lot of effort in designing new and exciting new products for the airsoft community.

Global Licensing:
Mad Bull Airsoft currently has licensing from these world famous companies: ISGK.org


Our Team Members:
Our design team is based in Taiwan.
Mr. Lee is the leader and is currently teaching a 3D design College course. There are currently a lot of famous products that are designed by him, some of which under different brand names.
Mr. Wu, a well-experienced engineer, focuses on QC and the manufacturing process. He is the one that ensures that we only manufacture high quality products.
Mr. Simon Lee is the head of marketing and distribution for Mad Bull. He is also a marketing manager in a famous worldwide computer company.
Mr. Chen joined our team in 2006 and focuses on E.E. related design but his major focus in GPS, Remotes, and Helicopter controllers. He is focus on affordable UAV project in 2008 and will release the prototype in early 2009.
Mr. Howard, MBA Master degree. In charge of MadBull sales.
Mr. Andrew, Business degree. In charge of MadBull customer service.
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
Email: [email protected]
MobiJet Corp. joined our team in 2008 and work ith our company on high technology project. MobiJet is a 10 people research group with 2 Phd engineers. Their owner was in the same school with Mr. Lee.